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1. Why is the TorqTraQ® Device better than the competition?
The TorqTraQ® device is the most innovative closure torque testing solution on the market.  Its portable, ergonomic, uses Lithium-Ion battery technology, stores data to memory, and provides reliable and repeatable data.  The operator can perform application and removal tests anywhere in the plant, and upload the data to SPC or print out a report using the provided software.  It is the only portable device on the market which can test both the capper and the closure, providing an application vs. removal comparison.  This feature is used to audit and tune the capping machine for improved performance.  Our device is used throughout the world by quality labs, technicians, engineers, and plant support personnel.

2. How does the device test different sized closures?
The device uses interchangeable chucks which can be installed in a matter of seconds.  We offer both universal and custom chuck options, and can provide custom chucks to suit our customer's needs. 

3. How does the device grip the closure?
The TorqTraQ® device's interchangeable chucks engage with the closure using teeth.  Our Metal Universal Chucks engage with the outside of the closure using tapered metal teeth. The standard taper accommodates various closures within a size range regardless of knurl pattern, for instance 28mm. We also provide custom chucks which are designed based on the knurl pattern of the closure.  These chucks are particularly useful for applications such as pouches, tubes, cartons, pump closures, spritzer caps, and others. These chucks will always grip to the closure in the same fashion, which reduces operator to operator variation common to squeezing the closure.

4. What size closures is the TorqTraQ® Device used on?
Typical applications are closures between 10mm and 43mm.  Custom solutions can be provided for closures greater than 43mm.

5. How is the device calibrated, and how often?
PTI completes all the TorqTraQ® device calibrations in-house with a recommended calibration cycle of one year. A calibration certificate is provided.

6. What kind of training can PTI provide?
While the device is fairly simple and the documentation very good, it is recommended that when a device is introduced into an organization to schedule training, implementation and a verification session. PTI personnel will conduct the training, ensure that all operators understand the use of the unit, provide a customized SOP and run gauge verification while on-site. Please contact PTI for timing and costs of this on-site training.

7. For chuck design, what file-types do you accept?
If we currently do not have a chuck designed for your closure, we will design one for you. We accept many 3D CAD file formats such as (.x_t, .igs, .stp, .prt). The files can be emailed to torqtraq@plastictechnologies.com, or can be uploaded via our secure FTP server (for larger files). Please email us for FTP instructions.

8. Is my closure information secure and confidential?
Confidentiality is the #1 priority at PTI. Your information and files are of high confidentiality and safe with us. Nondisclosure agreements are available if required.

9. How long does the chuck design process take?
Chuck design could take 1-2 weeks based on requirements by the customer and PTI’s schedule. A firm delivery date will be provided upon receipt of order and our review of the 3D file.

10. Does PTI confirm chuck fitment?
Yes. PTI recommends that TorqTraQ® device customers provide a few closure samples along with a 3D file. This helps the design process, and allows PTI to test chuck fitment when they are complete.


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