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The TorqTraQ® device is a hand-held, ergonomic device which is small enough to put in a pocket. The device is reliable and numerous multi-client R&R studies have proved it can be used from operator to operator with excellent results.

The unique capper setup feature now allows one easy-to-use device to perform a head setup or check while it is still mounted in the capper system.

Devices are being used today in applications on the line, in the lab, and for maintenance and capper setup with this one device. No longer will you fight with heavy manual tools and the difficult set ups required by automated systems.

The TorqTraQ® device can be used in a variety of production and testing environments:

  • Filling line
  • Quality laboratory
  • Research and development
  • Maintenance shops
  • Customer service visits
  • Capping machine setup

Features List

  • Compact, lightweight, and ergonomic...It fits comfortably in the user's hand.
  • Provides a reliable and reproducible measurement.
  • Closure-specific chuck to ensure proper use.
  • Data capture via USB port.
  • Host PC-based software included with user friendly report functionality.
  • Calibration certificate provided...Calibration cycles monitored...Alerts provided when recalibration is required
  • Water resistant.

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TorqTraQ® Manual

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